Welcome To Sherry Destinations Travel

Welcome To Sherry Destinations Travel

 Hi I'm Sherryann

I am the owner and founder of Sherry Destinations Travel. My travel career began over 7 years ago I worked first hand with resorts, tour operators, excursions, cruise and travel partners based there, so I have the knowledge and relationships to compliment your travel style to ensure the best possible travel experience.  Prior to travel I worked as a manager Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for several companies including banks and publishing. As a Business Continuity Planner you have to ensure that your business can recover in the event of disaster, which required extensive planning and testing. Based on my experience in planning and implementation travel  is a natural fit. 

At Sherry Destinations I add personal touches to your vacation experience by creating a custom itineraries. I design customized vacations to meet the stride, lifestyle, and interests of my guests. Seeing my guests happy and hearing their stories about their vacations is amazing. 

I continually immerse myself in learning about destinations, hotels, cruise line and everything travel, I am able to consult on destinations, excursions and logistics of your trip. The result is an amazing experience from the planning stages until you return home. 

Sherry Destinations Travel is not affiliated with any hotels, cruise lines or any other travel product. The only thing I strive for is to understand your preferences, needs and travel style in order to design the perfect itinerary for you. My goal is to have you return from a trip raving about the most amazing vacation experience.

Complete our Travel Planning Questionnaire, this will allow us to start learning about your travel preferences (all our itineraries are completely customized and tailored to you!), then we will schedule a consultation and you will have your personalized itinerary within a few days.



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